V2V Thematic Webinar Series is an initiative of the V2V Global Partnership to facilitate and generate high-level discussions on vulnerability and viability themes and topics within the context of small-scale fisheries. It aims to feature academics, policy practitioners, and members of the civil society, who have made significant contributions to the theoretical, practical, and policy aspects of small-scale fisheries both locally and globally. V2V Thematic Webinar Series takes place on the last Friday of every month through 2021. The Series will be available internationally through live streaming on YouTube.



Small-Scale Fisher Leadership in Environmental Stewardship

This presentation discusses the leadership of small-scale fisher communities and organizations in protecting and restoring local environments and engaging in fishery management activities. Such environmental stewardship supports and enhances the viability of fishing livelihoods, as well as demonstrating that bottom-up community-based conservation can be the most effective way to produce big conservation benefits. As a result, it is strategically important for governments and others to support this activity through policy, financing and capacity, and through assuring the rights and access of small-scale fishers to resources, so their conservation work can continue. Toward these goals, a current FAO-supported project is documenting small-scale fisheries stewardship around the world (www.ssf-stewardship.net).

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