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Vannessa Warren

Vannessa Warren

University of Malawi


Vannessa Warren is pursuing her Master’s degree in the Philosophy in Environmental Protection and Management at the University of Malawi, under the supervision of Prof. Ishmael Kosamu and Prof. Friday Njaya. She is also working for the Government of Malawi in the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare. She is highly interested in gender-related matters in small-scale fisheries management. With the increase of ecosystem fragmentation, pollution, power imbalance in fisheries and climate change, she decided to work on the small-scale fisheries management to learn more about how she can be part of the solution considering that these vulnerable fisheries-based livelihoods are, and will continue to be, most affected by environmental disasters. She is planning to use the I-ADApT Framework to support her research in women's perceptions on the long-term impacts of climate change in small-scale fisheries of the Lake Chilwa Basin. Her research will also explore the coping mechanisms to attain a viable small-scale fishery of the region.

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