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Pallabi Chakraborty

Pallabi Chakraborty

University of Waterloo


Pallabi Chakraborty is a graduate student pursuing her Master's in Social and Ecological Sustainability within the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo in Canada. She possesses a dedication to nature conservation and acknowledges its integral connection to human welfare. The increasing pressures on natural resources resulting from consumerism and unsustainable development have heightened disparities in well-being. The V2V Global Partnership on Small-scale Fisheries (SSF) offers an excellent platform for her to engage in studies related to sustainability in social-ecological systems within climate-change-affected areas. Under the guidance of Dr. Simron Singh, her research focuses on comprehending the role of information systems in addressing economic, environmental, policy-level, and social challenges faced by SSF communities. The objective of her research is to provide valuable insights for informing policies, enhancing resilience, and ensuring the long-term viability of SSF in a crucial global context. Drawing from over 12 years of experience in conservation, collaborating with organizations such as WWF-India and the Wildlife Institute of India, she has observed the positive impact of small-scale livelihood initiatives on local communities, effectively reducing vulnerability to climate-related disasters and fostering environmental resilience.

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