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Nayadeth Arriagada Oyarzun

Nayadeth Arriagada Oyarzun

University of Waterloo


Nayadeth Arriagada Oyarzun is a PhD student at the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS), University of Waterloo, Canada. Under the supervision of Prof. Prateep Kumar Nayak, her PhD research aims to understand how intersectional gender dynamics, structures and agencies conditions the way women in small-scale fishing navigate environmental vulnerability and viability in multilevel governance in various geographical settings including South Asia and Chile. She studied Sociology in Chile, and later on she completed her Master's degree in Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia (2019) under the supervision of Dr. David Boyd, who is also UN repporteur of Human Rights and Environment. Her past research has focused on coastal communities of Southern Chile -where she is from- and various conflicts and social movements occurred there since 2013 regarding health, salmon farming and small-scale fishing. During her free time, she enjoys playing outside with her son, knitting, and bike riding with her family.

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