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Aishwarya Pattanaik

Aishwarya Pattanaik

University of Waterloo


Aishwarya Pattanaik is a graduate student pursuing Masters of Environment Studies in Sustainability Management (SUSM) at the University of Waterloo, Canada. She completed her Bachelor’s in Botany and Master’s in Ecology and Environment Studies from India. She has the experience of working on mangrove ecosystems, sacred groves, and community-integrated biodiversity conservation in several research projects. She is pursuing her graduate degree under the supervision of Prof. Prateep Kumar Nayak on “Mangrove-Dependent Small-Scale Fisheries in Sundarbans - Vulnerable yet Viable”. She is conducting an in-depth I-ADApT case study to bridge the gap between SSF and mangroves to analyze the shift from vulnerability to viability

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