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Yinji Li

Country Coordinator and Co-investigator 

Tokai University


Yinji Li is an associate professor at Tokai University in Shizuoka, Japan. Her research interests and expertise lie in fisheries and coastal issues among Northeast Asia, such as Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, and South Korea. For many years, she has been researching these areas to understand the actual conditions and challenges on governance mechanisms, community institutions, market and branding systems, community-based tourism, etc., and interacting with relevant stakeholders.

Dr. Li is a member of the Too Big to Ignore (TBTI)-Global Partnership for Small-Scale Fisheries Research Project, the Human Dimensions Working Group as part of the Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR) Project. She is also a coordinator of the Too Big to Ignore(TBTI) Japan Research Network, a research network brings together scientists, practitioners, community groups, organizations through transdisciplinary approaches and ensures the widespread of the importance of the existence and roles of Japanese small-scale fisheries as well as addressing issues and concerns affecting Japanese small-scale fisheries.

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