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Tamano Namikawa

Country Coordinator

The Japanese Institute of Fisheries Infrastructure and Communities


Tamano Namikawa is a senior researcher at The Japanese Institute of Fisheries Infrastructure and Communities in Tokyo, Japan. She is also a professional Engineer in coastal engineering. Her expertise lies in coastal fisheries, infrastructure development, and regional development. She is interested in fisher's and fisheries communities' role in coastal environmental and social management. Her research interests focus on coastal fisheries in Japan, especially coastal fisheries in an urban area. She is researching fishers and fisheries communities in these areas, trying to clarify the effects on coastal use governance mechanisms, regional development, and regional branding. Dr. Namikawa is also a Coordinator of the Too Big to Ignore (TBTI) Japan Research Network. TBTI is a research network that brings together scientists, practitioners, community groups, organizations through transdisciplinary approaches and ensures the widespread of the importance of the existence and roles of Japanese small-scale fisheries as well as addressing issues and concerns affecting Japanese small-scale fisheries.

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