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Shehu Latunji Akintola

Country Coordinator and Co-investigator 

Lagos State University


Shehu Latunji Akintola is the Dean of the Faculty of Science at the Lagos State University, Nigeria. He is a Professor of Fisheries and before his current position, he held the position of the Head of Department of Fisheries, Lagos State University, Nigeria. He holds a B. Agric Tech (FUT, Akure), MSc. (LASU), MBA (LAUTECH) and PhD (LASU). He is very passionate about the small-scale fisheries development especially in the light of the SSF Guidelines. Shehu through his research and advocacy helps push the case for a sustainable livelihood for the SSF globally especially in Nigeria. He has forayed to fisheries research- ecology, governance, and economics. He is well published in local and international journals and won academic fellowships and grants. Shehu is a member of academic societies including Too Big To Ignore and willing to support initiatives to promote development of SSF. He is a Country Coordinator in Nigeria for the Vulnerability to Viability (V2V). He is very optimistic that there is a bright future for the small-scale fisheries across the globe.

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