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Samiya Selim

Country Coordinator and Co-investigator 

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


Samiya Selim is a Marine Social Scientist. Her expertise lies in inter-disciplinary research utilizing both social and natural sciences and applying these in relevant conservation and development projects. She has worked in both UK and Bangladesh past 12 years in the field of environment conservation, climate change and sustainable development. Her current work is focused on coastal ecosystems in Bangladesh around climate change adaptation, sustainable livelihoods, small scale fisheries, SDGs and ensuring equity in blue economy development.
She is an Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and is also conducting her Post Doctorate at ZMT Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research. She sits on the Human Dimension Working Group focused on the interactions between human and ocean systems and better understanding of the multiple feedbacks between human and ocean systems. She is also part of the Interdisciplinary Marine Early Career Network (IMECaN).

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