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Prasant Mohanty




Mr. Prasant is a founding member of Nirman, a not for profit organisation working in India and currently serving as Secretary cum Executive Director of Nirman. He has more than 23 years of experience and had a dynamic role in influencing and advocating right’s-based concerns in areas of Forestry, Millets Farming, Sustainable agriculture, and Small Fishery. He has been involved with development programmes dealing with institutional issues in community forestry & forest governance, tenure security, sustainable agriculture and policy advocacy. His contributions in the field of community forestry, sustainable agriculture, conservation of local seed system and livelihood security is widely acknowledged.

Mr. Prasant is associated with various networks within India and abroad. His academic portfolio includes an MA in Development Planning & Administration. He has participated and contributed in various international conferences on Commons and Forest governance in Cheltenham in the UK, Viena in Austria, Utrecht, in The Netherland, Bangkok in Thailand, and Dhaka in Bangladesh. Currently, he is active in the promotion of Millets-based bio-diverse farming, local seed system, promotion pulses in Rice-fallows and advocating for operationalisation of FAO guidelines for securing sustainable small fishery in Odisha, India.

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