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Paul Onyango

Country Coordinator and Co-investigator 

University of Dar es Salaam


Paul Onyango is a social scientist, and lectures at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Technology and the Centre for Climate Change Studies of the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Paul Onyango holds a PhD from the Artic University of Norway, formerly the University of Tromsø. His research focuses on governance, challenges of poverty alleviation, fisheries management and decision-making processes among communities and adaptation and mitigation to climate change. He has been investigating the dilemmas authorities face in confronting poverty and managing small-scale fisheries as well as adaptation to climate change and variability mechanisms of communities and pastoralism as a production system.

Some of his latest publications include: Nomadic pastoralism and natural resource use conflicts in East Africa (2016); Institutions and co-management in East African Inland and Malawi fisheries: a critical perspective (2015); Governance of tenure in the Lake Victoria (2013); Poverty in Lake Victoria fisheries – understanding governability (2013). Paul leads the work package that deals with the socio-economics of user groups at regional level for Estuarize-WIO, a platform that carries out a socio­‐ecological assessment of fisheries in three estuarine systems of the SW Indian Ocean. Paul is also responsible for the Masters degree programme in Tanzania.

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