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Olajumoke Akiode


Center for Ethics and Sustainable Development


Dr. Olajumoke M. Akiode is the Executive Director/CEO of the Center for Ethics and Sustainable Development (CESD), an independent, think-tank providing thought leadership on sustainable infrastructure development in Nigeria. She has worked on many policy research-projects, organized focus group discussions, policy dialogues, advocacy activities, and stakeholder engagement events on diverse issues within and outside Nigeria. These include urban renewal, sustainable infrastructure delivery, affordable housing, Public-Private Infrastructure Partnership (PPIP), sustainable small-scale fishing and environmentally conscious development policy and practice. She has also authored some peer-reviewed articles and research papers. She works with international organizations and development partners on gender and socially inclusive PPPs, affordable and sustainable housing. Olajumoke holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Applied Ethics & Socio-political philosophy from the University of Lagos. She also holds a Certificate in Public-Private Infrastructure Partnership (PPIP) from the University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia. She is the founder of the Women in Infrastructure Community Africa (WICA), an advocacy platform for women engaged in the infrastructure sector in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa. She is a member of Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG)’s Infrastructure Policy Commissions, UN Women’s Empowerment Principle (UN WEP), UN Global Compact Nigeria Network, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, as well as a member of EvalGender Evaluation Network.

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