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Masakazu Saito


Mochimune Branch of Shimizu Fisheries Cooperative Association


Masakazu Saito has been the President of the Fisheries Cooperative Association of Mochimune, Branch of Shimizu since 2007 (previously known as Shizuoka Fisheries Cooperative Association). He also assumed the positions of Shizuoka Prefecture Hometown Tourism Ambassador and Chairman in July 2019. Mr. Saito became the President of the Shizuoka Prefecture Whitebait Barge Hauler Fisheries Association in 2002 and left the position in 2019. He graduated from Shizuoka Prefectural Yaizu Fisheries High School in March 1974. He boarded the Saimasamaru (whitebait barge hauler fishery) the same year, and later in 1989, he became the owner of the Saimasamaru.

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