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I Putu Astawa


Bali State Polytechnic


I Putu Astawa currently works at Politeknik Negeri Bali at the Faculty of Tourism. He studied doctoral at Universitas Brawijaya in Management and was confirmed as a professor in management science in 2019. I Putu does research in Business Economics, Green Economics and Financial Economics. Some recent publications are a) Credit Risk Management Based on Harmonious Cultural Value to Support Microfinance Institution Performance in Indonesia; b) Green Reputation of Hotel Improvement through Green Accounting and Harmonious Culture; c) Environmental Knowledge and Consumer Intention to Visit Green Tourism Village; d) Developing A Harmonious Culture-Based Sustainable Event Model In Bali Tourism Village; e) Exploring the potential of cultural villages as a model of community-based tourism. He obtained several awards from the Indonesian government such as the best researcher and the best lecturer in 2018. I Putu is currently working on a research project in the field of sustainable tourism financed by the Indonesian government.

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