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Emdad Haque


University of Manitoba


Emdad Haque is a Professor of Resource and Environmental Management at the University of Manitoba. Before joining the University of Manitoba in 2001. Previously, he was a Professor of Geography at Brandon University where he had served as Chair of the Department of Geography during 1997-2000. His primary academic interest is to explore the various facets of, and processes in nature and society interface. His background is in the area of resource and environmental management, with concentrations in environmental risk assessment, hazard and disaster management, and water resource management. In his academic and professional life, Emdad has contributed chiefly, through both theoretical and applied research, to validate the need for integration of knowledge of social sciences and humanities with physical and biological sciences for addressing environmental problems effectively. Two of his recent contributions to the area of environmental hazards, from an integrative perspective, are the books, Hazards in a Fickle Environment (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998) and Mitigation of Natural Hazards and Disasters (Springer, 2005).

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