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Deborah Prado

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Waterloo


Deborah Prado’s research is dedicated to environmental governance, particularly focusing on strengthening participatory and community-based management processes within marine and coastal areas. She actively engages in action-oriented research and has numerous experiences with transdisciplinary methodologies and co-production of knowledge among researchers, protected area managers, and small-scale fishing communities. Recently, she delved into investigating ocean conflicts that impact small-scale fisheries in Brazil, as part of the Oceans-Pact Project (Belmont Forum), emphasizing approaches to conflict transformation. Deborah is currently a postdoctoral fellow, collaborating with the V2V Global Partnership and aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the primary conflicts and blue injustices affecting small-scale fishing communities in Latin America. This collaboration seeks to deepen understanding of how injustices exacerbate vulnerability and explore how transformational initiatives towards blue justice have successfully enhanced the viability of small-scale fisheries.

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