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Sanzida Alam

Sanzida Alam

Center for Sustainable Development (CSD), University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)


Sanzida Alam is a master's student and Research Assistant at the Center for Sustainable Development, ULAB. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in English and Humanities with a minor in Sustainable Development Studies (SDS) at ULAB. Sanzida also works as an English Instructor at English Champ and as a translator and transcriptionist for research projects. She has been a team lead on multiple projects, effectively coordinating efforts, fostering collaboration, and motivating her teammates to achieve their goals. She has engaged in several workshops, seminars, and projects, allowing her to work in dynamic environments and collaborate with professionals from different disciplines. Her research interests are understanding language patterns in different communities, contextualization, insertion of local culture in language, literary sociability, climate change, sustainability, and development.

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