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Nobuhiko Akiyama


Tokai University


Nobuhiko Akiyama, is currently a professor in the Tokai University School of Marine Science and Technology, and has jointly conducted his research since fiscal 2006 in cooperation with a private company and the university's Department of Fisheries. Professor Akiyama has been working on research to increase the number of seahorses collected in Japan and overseas in the aquarium in collaboration with the Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce for 10 years, claiming that aquaculture can prevent overfishing.

Nobuhiko Akiyama has a background in chemistry and has a wide range of knowledge about physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry, etc. Nobuhiko studied protein crystallography at graduate school. Then, he started intellectual property works and has been engaged in various projects including filing and prosecuting patent applications in Japan and foreign countries and preparing expert opinions principally in the field of pharmaceuticals.

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