Student Webinars

During the Fall of 2020, V2V and the Environmental Change and Governance Group (ECGG) hosted four capacity development webinars for students. Each webinar followed a theme to help students with progress on their research. These webinars were intended for students to feel a sense of belonging and community despite these difficult and isolating times. Finding a balance between research, courses, and extra responsibilities tend to be overwhelming and such organized meetings help to support students in this endeavor. The themes for this terms’ webinars included Proposal writing, Thinking creatively about field research, a Cross-disciplinary approach to research, and a Discussion on Literature Reviews. Students were also allowed to organize a webinar on their own, providing another opportunity for growth and skill-building. Each Webinar included a wide range of panelists with a variety of experiences and backgrounds including Prateep Nayak, Sondra Eger, Maria Battaglia, Navya Nair, Ana Carolina, and many more. The Proposal writing webinar allowed for discussions on the purpose of writing a research proposal as well as the steps involved in writing one. The webinar on Thinking creatively about field research provided a space to discuss COVID impacts on research and key considerations in planning for remote field research. By having a webinar on Cross-disciplinary approaches to research, the importance of integrating a wide range of disciplines was explored. Discussing Literature Reviews allowed for students to voice concerns and seek advice from individuals who have great experience in this area and provided an open exchange of knowledge. 


These webinars have not only aided students in their research but also created a strong sense of support even during a virtual graduate experience.  


 “ Facilitating and being the host for the Literature Review webinar was an awesome experience for me as it developed my skills in organisation and managing an event, arranging panelists, and conducting the session. I look forward to such opportunities where I can improve myself as well as attend events which advance my knowledge and where I can learn from shared insights.

                                                            - Navya V Nair, M.E.S Candidate at University of Waterloo