SSF Open House 

V2V Global Parnership presents...

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Vulnerable livelihoods, viable lives: Witnessing the global experiences of SSFs

When: June 2 at 12:30 UTC 


Speaker, Moderator, and Chair: Ana Carolina, Natasha Serrao, Simar Kaur, Prateep Nayak, Derek Armitage

About the Session: In this session, we will use visuals such as photos, short videos, and a word cloud to highlight key vulnerabilities and sources of viabilities within the livelihoods of small-scale fishers worldwide. We will begin this session with an introduction to the V2V Global Partnership and its objectives. Then, using a word cloud, we will showcase what vulnerability and viability mean to the V2V members within the context of their work. We will then play interview clips of some V2V members reflecting on vulnerability and sources of viability in small-scale fisheries. Photos from the V2V Photo of the Week gallery will be used to complement the content of the interviews and discussions. We will end the session with some comments on the continuum of vulnerable livelihoods and viable lives.