Message from the Project Director

For months now we have all been experiencing difficult times due to the stubborn pandemic. Yet, it is during this time that our V2V Global Partnership came into existence. And despite the challenges, we have continued to grow as a network. What was planned as a vibrant process of in-person meetings, interactions, and friends visiting friends in different parts of the world turned out to be real faces framed into a computer screen doing our best to talk and interact. At first, we thought it was not going to work. Collaboration, cooperation, interaction, and, above all, WORKING TOGETHER require physical presence and proximity in real time and space. But we were wrong.

As I look back at the past few months, I see tremendous results from our combined efforts, reflecting initiatives not only to set up the new PARTNERSHIP but outcomes that are replete with novel ways that we will take forward. We have every reason to celebrate the work we have done and all the work we intend to do in the next several years. It is in this context I am happy to announce the V2V COMMONS as the official newsletter of the V2V Global Partnership. 
I hope the V2V COMMONS will help create a rich tradition of storytelling and a culture of sharing within our network and beyond, where we can show that we value each other, and we recognise all the sincere efforts made by everyone, no matter how small or big that effort may be. My fisher friends from Chilika Lagoon in the Bay of Bengal once told me that when their fishing society is faced with a crisis, sometimes pushing it to the verge of collapse and nothing seem to work, they do one thing - checking on each other when there is a crisis to make sure that everything is alright, and everyone is doing well, and that no one is left behind.

The initiation of the V2V COMMONS during the global pandemic, when distances between us have begun to hurt more than differences we may hold, is meant to provide a platform and the necessary tools to do exactly that – regularly checking on each other to make sure that we and our extended community of small-scale fishers and the places they live in are all doing well. I urge that we continue this tradition past the pandemic and through the life of the V2V Global Partnership.

So, now, on behalf of the Editorial Team, I am truly honored and excited to present to you the Inaugural Issue of the V2V COMMONS. As we commit ourselves to continue this tradition, I am sure it marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in our ongoing friendship, collaboration, commitment, and common journey. Let us continue to build viable and strong small-scale fisheries, and a better world.

Prateep Kumar Nayak

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