Insights on past events

Submitted by V2V members and students 

Rosina Amoah Agyapong

"As a second-year Masters student working on my final thesis on the title: Building Local Resilience To Climate Change Vulnerability In SSF Communities Of Lake Volta, Ghana,I didn’t initially get the full concept of the I-ADApT framework. However, my participation in a series of webinars and workshops on I-ADApT has helped me better understand it and establish linkages with my research topic focusing on the climate vulnerabilities small-scale fishery communities are experiencing, the challenges they face in building resilience, and the nature of adaptive governance responses needed to address the impacts. I would like to thank the organizers of the V2V Global Partnership for the excellent opportunities provided to graduate students to build capacity through knowledge acquisition and networking." 

Natasha Serrao

"Last month, I participated in the Dry Fish Matters (DFM) and the V2V Global Partnership graduate student networking meeting. It was very exciting to have the opportunity to connect with students across the globe. As a graduate student that has done extensive work in the natural sciences, I am very grateful to be part of a group with such diverse research interests - I am constantly learning and thinking about novel ways to approach my research." 


Emily Filinska - Editorial team member

“I had the pleasure of attending the first V2V Thematic Webinar with speaker Dr. Rashid Sumaila. As my own research is on dolphin and whale bycatch I was curious of his opinion on this issue and illegal unreported unregulated (IUU) fishing. Dr. Sumaila helped me see the strong economic implications of bycatch and the importance of protecting large iconic animals like dolphins and whales. This webinar was a fantastic start with many more to come! The range of topics and ideas explored were very inspiring and I cannot wait for the next Thematic Webinar!”