I-ADApT Working Group

What is I-ADApT

The V2V conceptual and methodological approach serves as a general guide for working groups and country-level research activities. I-ADApT is a systems-oriented decision support tool informed by our core concepts and based on place-based case studies (and it is already available in six languages). Further, I-ADApT enables SSF managers, researchers, and local stakeholders to:

(1) make decisions efficiently by capturing a full range of vulnerability dimensions,

(2) improve their response in a timely manner by engaging critical actors, and

(3) evaluate where to most effectively allocate resources to reduce vulnerability, build strength and develop capacity to enhance the viability of SSF communities.


The I-ADApT framework applies a ‘template’ to capture standardized information across study sites. In doing so, the framework provides for:

(1) a ‘descriptive’ component to capture key dimensions of vulnerability and viability (ecological, social and economic, etc.);

(2) an ‘appraisal’ component to reflect on various responses to change and their outcomes;

(3) an ‘interactive’ component to engage with SSF communities, deepen understanding and develop capacity; and

(4) a ‘typology’ dimension to enable comparative assessment, learning and guidance for governance. In tandem with our transdisciplinary and co-production focus, I-ADApT gives our Partnership an overarching methodological structure


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