Insights: Integrating science, technology, and coastal governance

Two V2V members, Ana Carolina and Valeria, started a collaboration with a System Design Engineer, Marco to develop a Virtual reality tool to address coastal planning issues.

“We decided to combine some of our experience and participate at the 2021 Jack Rosen Memorial Award for Environmental Innovation! We identified a need for new tools that can help to integrate multiple perspectives and interests on coastal planning. Our idea is to provide a virtual reality tool that can enable decision-makers and planning professionals to interact with complex 3D environments in real time to experience positive and negative consequences of their decisions to the economic, social, and environmental contexts (e.g., marine-related architecture projects; parks and recreation facilities; and community economic development projects).” 


-- Valeria Mendoza De-La Luz (MES student, Sustainability Management)

“We want to develop a visualization tool to inform decision-making on coastal planning and governance. The VR Digital Coast Manager will incorporate a socio-ecological profile of selected coastal areas, accounting for social and ecological processes, economic activities, main trends and key drivers of change in coastal ecosystems. We envision many opportunities for collaborating with V2V members.”


-- Ana Carolina Esteves Dias (Postdoctoral Fellow, V2V Global Partnership)

Stay tuned for more updates!