V2V Action

Country Action:

After consulting with Country Coordinators, V2V Global Secretariat distributed the final project activity plan and budget documents in October, followed by a V2V Activity Plan and Budget Webinar on October 30th. This webinar, led by Prateep Nayak, provided a chance to go over the plan and budget documentation to clarify details and expectations. Each country was encouraged to submit draft plans for the first 3 years of the project, which were then discussed in person in an  All Country Coordinators' Meeting on November 27th. It was a productive meeting as it allowed country coordinators to bring forward their draft plans for their respective countries. Despite COVID and many restrictions, V2V has put in its best efforts to keep open contact between all members to allow for integration and flow of knowledge! 

I-ADApT Working Group Action:

On Nov. 30, we hosted the I-ADApT Working Group (WG) Introductory webinar with the purpose to introduce I-ADApT as a research and decision-making tool, discuss how we will use I-ADApT in the V2V project, and review the proposed work plan for year 1.  We have also distributed a Dropbox link with a recording of the meeting and other supporting documents. The I-ADApT WG is co-led by Alida Bundy and Priscila Lopes, with the support of Ana Carolina E. Dias. In order to form the core team, the WG leads invited members of each country to nominate their members to compose the core I-ADApT WG. If your country has not nominated members yet, please, contact us! We are excited for our next event! On Jan. 20, we will conduct a training webinar on I-ADApT. Join us (check your email for an invitation or ask your country coordinators)! Moving ahead, we are planning a Hands-on Training in I-ADApT: Conduct I-Adapt Assessments for each case study using existing information. Stay tuned for updates!

Situational Analysis Action: 

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to the Situational Analysis final template! The Situational Analysis is being led by Ana Carolina E. Dias and  Derek Armitage, and it is being developed under a collaboration with the support and great inputs of several V2V members! V2V Situational analysis Webinar took place on December 10th, 2020 where the final template was discussed as well as general guidelines on how to complete the template. This webinar was open to all V2V country team members and other students working on SSF to enhance skill-building involving research collaboration, secondary data synthesis, and data gathering, as well as analysis methods. The final Situational Analysis template was distributed after this webinar amongst countries and we expect it to be completed by country teams by March 15, 2021. To help with getting ourselves organized, we are planning a training webinar on ZOTERO. The training will include information on how to create a database, how to label references, and more! Watch out for more information soon, it is open for all V2V members and interested students!

Country Level Action:

Since the last few months, the V2V countries have been focusing on planning and budgeting, participating in the initiation and implementation of a situational analysis, and learning about I-ADApT methodology. While specific goals, plans, and actions on a country level might differ, an overarching goal for each country is to produce a preliminary understanding of both the sources of vulnerabilities experienced by SSF in selected case study locations and their capabilities to enhance viability. Some specific activities or sub-activities to achieve this goal include conducting a literature review, database analysis, community profiling, preparing questionnaires to conduct a pilot study survey, and interacting and collaborating with members of V2V. This preliminary vulnerability and viability assessment is part of the situational analysis taking place on each country level. Other ongoing activities, or “next steps” for V2V countries include developing conceptual frameworks, training for I-ADApT methodology, conducting surveys, data collection, and report writing.

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